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Mentoring allows you to focus on how you can forward your career and overcome work related issues. A mentor can provide guidance, support and space for you to think. Women in STEM face many issues and you may need a mentor with particular expertise or experience rather than one who has followed exactly the same career path. MentorSET can help.

A MentorSET mentor can help you with:

  • Career planning and progression
  • Links to reduce isolation in a male-dominated professional environment
  • Information about returning after a career break and advice about obtaining a work/life balance
  • Networking
  • Support if you are coping with health problems or disabilities alongside a professional career
  • Development of new skills such as leadership or public speaking
    Mentoring partnerships usually last one or two years, but if you are looking for a quick boost or help with learning a specific skill. MentorSET can help there too.

We encourage women who are mid-career to apply to be both a mentor and a mentee. You do not need to be at the top of your profession to be a MentorSET mentor and you will gain more by being both a mentor and a mentee.