Meet your corporate diversity targets


Your corporate diversity targets are likely to focus on the below key areas, we have indicated how MentorSET can help towards these targets.

Recruitment of more women into engineering

  • A mentoring scheme is a recruitment attraction for potential employees
  • MentorSET training will enable women to practice and excel at the recruitment assessment criteria that can be unfamiliar to them
  • Access to mentoring will increase their confidence and performance, and make them more successful at seeking and securing promotions
  • Your staff who mentor students will be encouraging more younger women to consider your company as a great place to work, and hopefully encourage them to pursue an engineering qualification
  • Using your employees as mentors puts you in touch with prospective future talent

Support of Women Engineers

  • Women will feel supported through access to mentoring which will allow them to share and work through issues and problems
  • Mentoring will identify training needs in the employee which can then be met
  • Career progression planning will give a sense of purpose and structure to employees
  • Mentors will network with one another and gain vital business opportunities and career benefits
  • Problems are able to be identified and solved before they lead to resignation

Retention of Women Engineers

  • Women who continue to be mentored through their maternity break stand more chance of returning afterwards
  • Women who are supported, trained, paid fairly and promoted fairly will be happier and more productive, and consequently more likely to stay with a company

Employ More Senior Women

  • Mentoring capability to senior management and board positions will increase the talent pool of women suitable for these positions
  • Cross sector nature of MentorSET will enable mentees to be mentored by senior women from other companies
  • Women mentors develop important leadership and coaching skills

Other Business Benefits

  • Reverse mentoring will allow senior staff (often male) to see the company through the eyes of a minority group, and this will lead to an improved working environment, better mutual understanding and a more embracing company culture
  • Senior women will be seen as role models to other women, and their visibility across the engineering sectors will increase.
  • Cross company relationships can lead to business opportunities

The mentoring scheme could be used to run your mentoring scheme externally, or support an internal mentoring scheme where you provide the mentors and mentees. To find out more, and see how MentorSET can be adapted to support your organisation’s needs, contact our Partner Managers at